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Nonprofit Management Solutions
is pleased to announce a
new feature now available on this webite


Nonprofit A has to reduce its expenses and finds it can no longer afford a full time H.R. Director. The availability of half of this experienced employee's time is posted on the web site under the new Nonprofit CAPACITY CLASSIFIEDS.
Nonprofit B has never had an HR Director but has been considering the benefits from such services and wants to ease into it with a part time position.
Having perused the new service, Nonprofit CAPACITY CLASSIFIEDS on the web site, Nonprofit B contacts Nonprofit A and arrangements are made to meet and negotiate a subcontract (or other arrangement) for half of the HR Directors time.
It's a WIN, WIN and WIN!
Win for Nonprofit A which saves half of a salary payment it can't afford, yet retains the valuable services of a trained experienced staff member.
Win for Nonprofit B which obtains services of a trained experienced staff member at a level it can afford (part time).
Win for the Experienced Employee who still has a full time job, expands a network of colleagues and experiences new challenges and rewards.
Nonprofit C has an office space sitting empty …because of belt tightening they will not be able to hire staff to occupy it for at least a year. They post the availability of the space on the web site under the new CAPACITY CLASSIFIEDS… `immediately available, one office space, reasonable rent, month-to-month, etc.'
Just so happens that Nonprofit D is looking for a small space, month to month, to house an outreach worker in Nonprofit C's neighborhood.
Viola…match made

While all listings are free to our nonprofit colleagues, we ask that you post each announcement of capacity or need for no more than 90 days at any one time and remove your announcement when a match is made or the 90-day period is up.

Should you desire or require services to negotiate contracts or work out details of an exchange or purchase of capacity, the services of NMS professional staff and consultants are available to assist.

Please contact Nonprofit Management Solutions at 858-292-5702 for information on fees, or if you have any questions regarding




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