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The mission of Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) is to celebrate art  through engagement, education, and innovation. The OMA experience stimulates imagination, presents new  ideas, and challenges the familiar in a welcoming environment for those new to art, longtime museumgoers,  artists, art students, or simply the curious. Like art itself, OMA is always fresh, sometimes edgy, sometimes  traditional, and frequently unexpected.  

Located in a burgeoning coastal city along the cultural corridor between Los Angeles and San Diego, OMA  explores new, relevant, and historical art of Southern California.  OMA works with community partners to highlight our community’s critical issues through innovative  exhibitions and thoughtfully designed art experiences both onsite and off. In celebration of the state of  California’s diverse and abundant cultural treasures, the city was recently designated the Oceanside California Cultural District (OCCD) by the California Arts Council as part of its inaugural program. 

Following the Cultural District designation, the city of Oceanside’s Arts Commission initiated the O’Arts  Master Plan based on the community’s vision for arts and culture. OMA's vital exhibitions and programs  are enjoyed by 26,000 visitors a year and over 4,500 K-12 students. The museum's education initiatives  are key to developing the community's engagement with the arts and providing vital educational  experiences for youth. 

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