Director of Clinical Training

Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma
June 17, 2021
10065 Old Grove Rd., Ste. 101, San Diego, CA
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Morgan Shaw
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The Director of Clinical Training will be primarily responsible for the oversight and management of the PCFS graduate clinical training program. Responsibilities include direct and primary clinical supervision of clinical trainees, to include at minimum one hour per week for part-time clinical staff and two hours of group supervision weekly. As part of the primary supervisor duties, the Director of Clinical Training will be responsible for oversight of supervisees’ clinical case files, ensuring that all legal and ethical guidelines are being followed, and reviewing and signing all clinical case notes and treatment plans. Additionally, the Director of Clinical Training will be responsible for the oversight and provision of the weekly clinical training over the trainees, working with the Director of Professional Services and other staff psychologists to maintain the regular training schedule. The role will also include being the point of contact for the community based clinical contracts that IVAT maintains. Those duties will include coordinating with the contract agencies’ staff regarding scheduling, problems or concerns that arise, and regular agency visits. This role will also be responsible for working with the trainees’ graduate programs to coordinate contracts, interviews, and evaluations of the trainees in accordance with the graduate program’s requirements. The Director of Clinical Training will also help oversee the finances related to the clinical and contract work that IVAT provides. This role may also include providing consultation and trainings to the community on issues of violence, abuse, and trauma, victims, offenders, and children exposed to violence. There is also the opportunity to conduct research and write articles or grants related to the field of forensic, trauma, or clinical psychology and the mission and vision of IVAT.


IVAT will be primarily responsible for provision of case referrals; maintaining and providing appropriate testing materials, office supplies, and office space needed for the provision of professional work; provision of trainees to support in the clinical work; and provision of professional and general liability insurance and coverage for the work being conducted by the psychologist for IVAT.


The psychologist will be dedicated to providing high quality service. The person will exhibit the highest professional standards and ethical principles and will be committed to the tenets of IVAT’s Mission and Vision.



This is not an exhaustive task list but a list that provides the candidate with an idea of job expectations.


  1. Provide direct oversight and management of the clinical training program. This includes recruitment of trainees, coordination and collaboration with the graduate programs, and regular oversight and supervision of the work being conducted by the trainees. Also includes being the point of contact for all clinical case management and contracts with community agencies. This role will also include regular time spent expanding and strengthening the current clinical training program and referral sources.
  2. Provide, at minimum, one hour of weekly clinical supervision to assigned trainees, as well as help oversee two hours of weekly group supervision. Supervision will be conducted in a manner that is consistent with appropriate ethical guidelines and legal mandates, and will be held to the highest professional standard. The Director of Clinical Training will work closely with the Director of Professional Services to ensure that the safety, comfort, and professional responsibility of all staff are being upheld, and regular feedback by the Director of Professional Services will be provided.
  3. Direct oversight and management to trainees’ clinical case files including all necessary legal and ethical duties, treatment plans, case notes, and any other relevant clinical documentation. This responsibility also includes reviewing, providing feedback, and signing all assigned trainees’ clinical case notes and documentation.
  4. Provision of clinical training and maintenance of the regular clinical training program.
  5. Other duties as assigned related to the role of Director of Clinical Training.




  A doctorate degree in clinical or counseling psychology.


  ·         Possess at least 3 years of experience in applied clinical psychology related to violence and trauma and psychological interventions.

·         Evidence of excellence in communication, networking, writing skills, supervisory skills, reasoning, problem-solving, multitasking, and team-building.

·         Experience trauma focused therapeutic techniques and modalities.

·         At least two years of clinical supervisory experience.

  Certificates and Licenses:

  Be licensed as a psychologist in California. Essential Job Functions:

  ·         Must have flexibility, excellent interpersonal skills, project coordination experience, and the ability to work well with all levels of internal management and staff, as well as outside clients and vendors.

·         Must be familiar with the administration and interpretation of psychological tests, and proficient at report writing.

·         Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, have excellent communication skills (written and verbal), be detail-oriented, and be interested in and knowledgeable in the areas of violence, abuse, and trauma.

·         Must be able to multitask and work effectively with a team.

·         Must be able to interact with the public and with collaborating agencies and organizations, including outreach to expand clinical and forensic services and clients.

  Management Skills:

  Supervisory experience necessary for the position. Supervisor Responsibilities:

  Manage Professional Clinical & Forensic Services (PCFS) clinical training program including the direct supervision of practicum trainees, pre-doctoral interns, and post-doctoral fellows. Other Requirements:

  ·         Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor.

·         Committed to the mission and vision of IVAT as a social change organization.

·         Valid Driver’s license at time of hire.

Sensitivity to cultural diversity and ability to communicate and interact effectively with people of all ages and diverse background; proven ability to work effectively as a team player; highly motivated, focused and results oriented. Ability to exercise discretion and tact in all interpersonal contacts, and to maintain confidentiality at all times. Ability to manage multiple tasks according to required deadlines, and maintain composure under high stress conditions. Ability to be optimistic, positive and supportive in all interactions with others. High level of accuracy and attention to detail.

  Background Check Requirements: Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a background check.


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