Faculty Instructor (RN)

Nile Sisters Development Initiative
July 2, 2021
San Diego, California
Job Type
$35.00 - $40.00
Type of Pay
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Tonya Amy
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Nile Sisters Development Initiative (NSDI), a non-profit public charitable organization is seeking a part-time Faculty Instructor (RN) for its LearnMore NATP (Nursing Assistant Training Program). Reporting to the President/CEO, the Faculty Instructor provides orientation and training to students, curriculum appraisal and approval, verification of student training, and authorization of the CDPH Certified Nurse Assistant and/or Home Health Aide Initial Application 283B form upon students’ successful completion of the NATP or other governing agencies for other programs and provides other assistive functions at the school and at assigned clinical training sites.

DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES - the Faculty Instructor faculty shall be:

  • Responsible and accountable for ensuring the fulfillment of educational goals and objectives, as well as maintaining quality assurance and ensuring NATP compliance with all required agencies
  • Responsible for monitoring, coordinating, planning, preparing, presenting, and evaluating classroom instruction, clinical training, and related activities
  • Responsible for evaluating student performance; motivating and advising students; and generating program reports, as needed
  • Responsible for maintaining a functional working relationship with clinical training sites
  • Responsible for evaluating students and recording student grades on appropriate forms
  • Responsible for assessing and identifying the instructional needs of students in the NATP and helping to develop appropriate lesson plans to address needs
  • Responsible for planning, conducting, and supervising classroom and clinical activities in accordance with approved NATP requirements
  • Accountable for developing, monitoring, and supervising the NATP curriculum
  • Responsible for scheduling classes within the NATP, following the CDPH-approved Daily Nurse Assistant Training Program Schedule 276B form
  • Responsible for ensuring that each student has completed all the requirements of the NATP set forth by the CDPH prior to signing the CDPH Certified Nurse Assistant and/or Home Health Aide Initial Application 283B form
  • Responsible for practicing excellence in teaching and instruction, including but not limited to, instructional counseling, clinical training, and academic advising
  • Responsible for completing student records in a timely manner during and at the completion of the training
  • Responsible for identifying students’ need for education and instruction
  • Responsible for completing daily theory training and clinical training attendance forms
  • Responsible for preparing and administering student quizzes and tests
  • Responsible for identifying students whose work performance does not conform to the Policies and Procedures Manual and for reporting these occurrences to the President/CEO
  • Responsible for developing and implementing both theory training and clinical training make-up assignments
  • Responsible for attending clinical-training site orientations and serving as a liaison between the site and the President/CEO
  • Responsible for ensuring that students meet the requirements of each clinical training site agreement
  • Responsible for monitoring students’ performance and providing immediate supervision of students in clinical training while they demonstrate clinical skills
  • Responsible for complying with CDPH CCR Title 22
  • Responsible for performing other duties when not at clinical training sites with students.


  • Registered nurse (RN) who, at minimum, meets CCR Title 22, §71829 requirements
  • Possess a director of staff development (DSD) certificate, or be willing to obtain one at the employer’s expense
  • Possess a valid and current Board of Registered Nursing license
  • Possess five years’ nursing experience, one of which must be in the provision of direct patient care in a long term care facility
  • Possess two years’ experience developing curricula and lesson plans
  • Possess three years’ experience teaching in a nursing-related field
  • Possess excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Approved by the CDPH prior to teaching any NATP class


  • Full-time, hourly position; 40 hours/week.
  • Flexible work environment - work will be performed in school, clinical, and community settings and NSDI headquarters, as well as in an office setting and requires the use of electronic equipment including computer, telephone, etc.
  • Flexibility in schedule, including scheduled evenings and weekends, as required by the school schedule.
  • Visual/hearing ability sufficient to comprehend written/verbal and telephone communication. Ability to sit for long periods, standing, computer entry, walking, repeated bending, lifting, and carrying up to 20 lbs., reaching
  • NSDI promotes a safe and healthy work environment and provides appropriate safety training for all personnel as required
  • Paid holidays after 6 months of employment; room to advance in the organization

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